Imagine Programs is a leading provider of adolescent and adult substance abuse treatment in the Plano area. We offer a unique treatment approach ranging from the latest in evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy, to music and art therapy.

Imagine Programs staff is built of creative, artistic minded individuals, who believe in a non-confrontational treatment approach. With over 15 years of experience in working in the addictions field. Our team has developed a unique experience for clients by combining music and art, with the latest, most successful treatment approaches.

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We are dedicated to helping you find the road to recovery.

Our Services

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Family Services

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

At Imagine Programs, we understand that seeking help for a substance abuse problem is a difficult yet responsible decision. Some people seek treatment because they are genuinely tired of the negative and detrimental impact substance abuse has had on their lives. Others may seek treatment because they are required to, and they are unsure as to whether or not they have a problem. Regardless of your reason for seeking treatment, you will find a supportive and safe environment in where you have the opportunity to make positive changes in your life.

Imagine Programs offers both adolescent and adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) Services. IOP Treatment is an eight week group counseling treatment program consisting of the following elements:

• Individualized Treatment Planning

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Art Therapy

• Meditation Exercises

• Motivational Interviewing

• Assistance with Legal Problems

• Fitness and Wellness

• Small Group Sizes

• Family Counseling

• Aftercare Programming

• Coping and Communication Skills

• Relapse Prevention Tools

At Imagine Programs, IOP group counseling is three days a week. For Adult participants, morning and evening group counseling sessions are offered to accommodate work, school, or family schedules.

For our Teenage participants, group counseling sessions are held in the evenings as to prevent interference with school activities. In addition to group counseling, Imagine Programs offers family counseling, individual counseling, and a Family Education Class that all parents are encouraged to attend.

Imagine Programs offers life skills development to adolescent participants struggling to find healthy coping skills for dealing with addiction outside of treatment. Our Life Skills Development program includes peer and student mentoring, activities such as cooking, music lessons, photography, art therapy and physical education. Participants also have the chance to participate in field trips with qualified counselors that include fishing, outdoor sports, and other community activities. Life Skills Development programming is designed to inspire teens to try new activities, and develop social skills in a clean, sober environment. 

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Life Skills Development

Family Counseling

In addition to the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, Imagine Programs believes that family involvement in treatment is an essential part of developing long term sobriety. Imagine Programs believes that Addiction is a family disease, meaning that if a member of the family has an addiction problem, it affects the entire family structure. Imagine Programs offers family counseling sessions as part of the IOP program where a home contract is developed as well as bridging the gap between behaviors at home and in treatment. The Staff understands that having a substance dependent family member in the home can be very difficult, frustrating, and stressful. We want to help offer family support and guidance through these difficult times.

Family Support Meetings

Imagine Programs also offers family support meetings where parents of teens who are in the programs can meet and support each other in their efforts in bridging the gap between treatment and home. We strongly recommend that parents attend these support group meetings as it is essential that families understand and talk about the addiction and recovery process. Parent Support Meetings are a valuable way for family members to share information and ideas about how to cope with the stressors of having a substance dependent family member in the home.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a group counseling program designed for adults that have been through treatment in the past. This program is eight weeks, one time a week, and uses an evidenced based cognitive behavioral relapse prevention curriculum. The program focuses on relapse prevention strategies, coping skills, and lifestyle changes through the development of support systems.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness is an eight week, one time a week educational program for adults and adolescents. This program utilizes a nationally recognized cognitive behavioral curriculum designed specifically for substance abusers. The program focuses on the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of substance abuse as well as addressing risk factors of addiction.


Aftercare is a no-cost option available to adolescents and adults who have previously completed treatment at our facility and would like to continue getting treatment or extra support.


Imagine Programs offers substance abuse evaluations and assessments that are conducted by our highly qualified staff members. Our evaluation and assessments are conducted using a comprehensive assessment tool that assesses the extent of a substance abuse problem.

After the Evaluation / Assessment process, a recommendation is made by the counselor as to what level of care is needed. All aspects of the recommendations will be staffed with you and your family if needed. Recommendations can also be staffed with any referring agencies if requested. We are here to answer any questions about what is recommended and make sure that everyone involved is comfortable with the decisions that are made.